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Speaking on Sencha Touch in Guwahati University

Last Saturday I was giving a lecture on Sencha Touch in Guwahati University – Institute of Science and Technology for their annual technical festival and I must say that I was very happy to see the enthusiasm among the students. Through out the day we had sessions on emerging technologies and also some basics for the students as they were only in their 3rd, 5th semesters. They were quite eager to learn new things and the kind of knowledge they already had was very satisfying. I was talking on Sencha Touch and how to create beautiful mobile web apps that run cross platform. Along with how to get started with your first mobile app, I also introduced them to some of the apps that we had already made. My colleagues talked on Android and Drupal. I also introduced them to some of the cool new features of  HTML5 as they were unaware of the recent developments. Overall the day was quite good with nice arrangements and they along with me learnt quite a lot.

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