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What is typography on a website?

All visually displayed text involves typography – whether it’s on paper, a computer screen, or a billboard. In simple words, it’s the way a text is visualized. Whether you write “Hello, how are you?” in your notebook with a pen, or write that in your text editor inside your computer the text remains the same. But what is different is the way the text is written visually.

When you say typography in a website all these things matter – the font size, font style, color, font-weight, etc. See an example below.

The two images (left & right) show the same text but has different typography.

what is typography
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So that’s about a small explanation to typography and I hope you have a basic understanding. The whole subject of Typography is quite vast and I will not jump into that for now. There are many things that come into it like fonts, colors, style guides, etc.

However, since I mentioned fonts, let me clarify one thing that I tried a few fonts, but soon after I realized that I couldn’t use many of them for work-related materials because they are not for commercial use – quite a disappointment, to be honest.

Anyway, I did some digging and found a list of fonts that are free for commercial use too! And super well organized. Here’s an article that discusses about them. Have a read:

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