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React Native For Beginners – Slides

React Native for beginners

Back in 2018, I had the opportunity to deliver a React Native training. The training was primarily meant for beginners and first time learners but even the advanced learners would gain from it. It was a company wide training session for the employees of Yodlee. It was a 2 day training and I covered as much as possible, from the installation and setting up React Native development environment to writing code and publishing an app. The main focus of the training was hands on coding exercises which gave the learners enough experience for them to start writing their own apps. This post covers the react native for beginners slides. 

TLDR; What is React Native?

React Native is an exciting framework that enables web developers to create robust mobile applications using their existing JavaScript knowledge. It offers faster mobile development, and more efficient code sharing across iOS, Android, and the Web, without sacrificing the end user’s experience or application quality.

Here are the slides from the session. I will soon start writing a series of articles on React Native. Till then Cheers! Let me know if there are any questions..

Integrate motion graphics to your React Native apps using Lottie:

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