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Sencha Touch Mobile application and Drupal mashup

I am working on a Mobile web application (will run on iPhone, Android, Blackberry) that pulls data from a Drupal back end for some time now. I am preparing the screens and data models for the application while my Drupal service mate is preparing the services. Have not attempted this before so a bit vague about how this would turn up in terms of performance and overall compatibility and result.

Here is a sneak peak of the high level architecture.

sneak peak
High level architecture

Any thoughts?

    • joseph

      Hi Terry,
      To be honest, this project is on hold for now. We had issues with providing the data from Drupal using Drupal services modules to the Sencha mobile app. Although I am not an expert in Drupal, the issues we faced were regarding the services modules. But once you can configure it and expose JSON data to Sencha mobile app……it should run fine.

      • Mona

        Hi Joseph,
        Can you elaborate on the Drupal services module issue(s) you are facing when trying to access data? We are interested in doing the same…thanks!

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