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Why do we use many HTML5 tags

Why do we use many HTML5 tags while they result in the same output for the viewer?

Every HTML tag has a meaning to it. Few examples below,

  • <p> – is meant to show paragraphs
  • <span> – is used to show inline text
  • <div> – used to contain other content.
  • <header> – is used to create the header part of your website.
  • <footer> – is used to create the footer

And so on. It’s not that you just create a web page with all divs or tables :). Your web page needs to be semantic and that is why we call it the semantic web.

Why use proper tags?

  • Semantic tags make it clear to the browser what the meaning of a page and its content is.
  • That clarity is also communicated with search engines, ensuring that the right pages are delivered for the right queries.
  • It helps with the accessibility of your web page. Simply saying a person who is blind can read your page better by using screen readers.

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