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I believe you didn’t know this about JavaScript

JavaScript was written in mere 10 days by Brendan Eich while he was working for Netscape in May 1995. The Netscape team wanted to quickly release a language for the browser which the developers could use to build something quickly. For example simple form validations on the browser side etc. And they wanted to taste the success of Java, the hot language of that time. So they renamed JavaScript from Mocha to LiveScript and eventually to JavaScript.

JavaScript is now more than two decades old and it has grown from what was considered as a toy for developers to a highly respected language. So things have changed over time, old things deprecated, new things added, improvements etc. All this might add up to give a feeling of fragmented.


Here is the slide that I presented in Dubai at one of the FrontEnd sessions. It talks about the weird history, some fun facts, and concepts around JavaScript 

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